4000 Islands--Dec 21-28, 2005

Don Khong

My next stop for a little bit of relaxation (I know... that seems to be all I am doing) were in the islands called the 4000 Islands. This is an area of Southern Laos where the Mekong River gets very wide and all these islands form in the middle of the River... in the dry season at least 4000 of these islands make their presence known in the River. A bunch of the islands are inhabited, although most are too small to live on. Three of the islands are frequented by tourists and I landed on a couple of them. I spent a few days relaxing on the island of Don Khong which is the largest of the islands and has electricity 24 hours a day (a great bonus!). I did stay an extra day here because I got the dreaded stomach sickness one night and was not fit for traveling. If I had to get sick this was a good place to be. I had a room with my own bathroom and electricity all night...

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Don Det

My next stop was Don Det which has become a backpackers hangout in recent years and was a nice place to spend the holidays. The picture below is from my Guest House.... a view of some of the 4000 Islands.

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Xmas and Hanukkah

When you are in a country that is predominately Buddhist there is not much in the way of Holiday celebrations going on. There were some restaurants that had Turkey dinners for the backpackers who felt they needed that at Christmas. Me, I decided to spend my days reading in my hammock overlooking the Mekong. I had a nice bungalow that cost $2 and ate most of my meals at the Guest House. The electricity here is all run from generators so they turn it on from about 6pm every night and it goes off about 10pm.

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