Good Morning Vietnam!

Ho Chi Minh City---aka Saigon--Jan 11-15, 2006

My next stop on my tour is Vietnam. I took a bus from Cambodia to the border of and then hopped on another bus on the Vietnamese border which took me to Saigon. Saigon is a city of over 6 million people and it is a hustling and bustling town. Drivers here are not much better than they are in Cambodia and walking is a challenge. The trick is to just walk out into traffic and the motorbikes (in theory) go around you. So far this has worked out without any incidents. There are no tuk tuks here. The best way to get around in the city is by foot, by motorcycle taxi or by cyclo. A cyclo is a modified bicycle with a seat in front and the cyclo driver pedaling you to your destination.

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Central Market

I love going to markets in all the cities I visit and Saigon's Central Market was a treat. This was the cleanest of all markets I have been in in SE Asia and was a continual hustle and bustle of activity. Everything you could ever want (and things you could never dream of wanting) are sold here. They have a huge fruit section, clothing, souvenirs, fish, meat, snake wine, dried fish, dried fruit, candy, watches, shoes, t-shirts, etc.

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