Nha Trang--Jan 23-26, 2005

Another Beach Town

My next stop took me to the town of Nha Trang, about a third of the way up the coast of Vietnam. It is a fairly large city with about 6km of gorgeous beach front, with a nice boardwalk spreading the entire length (great for a morning jog!). The weather was not ideal for beach going (cloudy and windy every day) but it was nice to sit and read a book and relax for a couple of days. As they say, there is no need to leave the beach for anything. The hawkers will sell you anything from fresh crab and lobster steamed on the beach, to postcards, fruit, Vietnamese donuts (no Krispy Kreme here!), candy, cigarettes, rice crackers, baguettes and if you are up for it a nice massage.

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Cham Ponager

Another attraction of Nha Trang is Cham Ponager which is an old temple dating back to the 8th-12th centuries.

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Fishing Village

Nha Trang is also a big fishing area and I have to say that the seafood here is very good and fresh. Here is a view of the fishing boats docked for the day.

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