East Meets West

Hong Kong--Feb 15-20, 2006

My next stop was Hong Kong. I had heard good things about the city and thought it would be a good place to bridge me from my time I spent in SE Asia to my next destination of Australia. I arrived and spent some time just wandering around and getting a feel for the big city. I also had a chance to start to get my stomach back on a western diet. After all the rice and rice noodles I have been eating the last 5 months, it takes some getting used to sandwiches and french fries again.

Hong Kong is a shoppers mecca. Everything anyone could ever want is available. All western brands and anything else that you can think of . I thought it would be cheap, especially the electronics but that is not necessarily the case any more unless you know exactly what you are looking for and the price that you should or should not pay.

This first picture is a view of Hong Kong Island from the top of Victoria's Peak.

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10000 Buddha temple

Also ventured into the northern part of Hong Kong to see the 10000 Buddha temple. The Buddha's line the long walkway up to the temple. The picture shows the inside of the temple walls... covered in Buddha statues.

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Longest Escalator

Also went on a mission to see the longest escalator in the world. I expected this gigantic escalator to the top of the hill. Instead it was just a series of smaller escalators which made me feel like it was a bit of bad advertising.... but there was no fee to ride so I guess you take it as it is.

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Big Buddha

Also went to see one of the largest outdoor Buddha's, cast of bronze. I figured my last day in Asia it was only appropriate to see the largest Buddha...

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Hong Kong at dusk

Great view from the ferry.

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and at night

And a final picture of Hong Kong at night.

My next stop is Australia where I will get back into the western world. No more honking horns, no more motorcycle taxis, no more noodle soup for lunch and dinner, no more staying in single rooms (dorms from now on). I get to start cooking food for myself again, I don't stand out as a westerner when walking down the street, don't get hassled to buy whatever anyone is selling and generally just have a relaxing time....

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