Koh Pha-Ngan -Nov 2-7, 2005

Beach Time

After all my travels I decided it was time that I settled down and did a lot of nothing for a few days. I did some research and found the island of Koh Pha-Ngan which is on the southeastern coast of the country. The island is famous for its Full Moon parties, although I missed them by a week or so. My plan was to sit in a hammock and read and sleep and eat good food and that is all I did for 6 days. This first picture shows my "Bungalow" that I stayed in. I splurged a little bit and had a room overlooking the water with a hammock on the porch and a nice tub with hot water that I took advantage of.

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The island is a very peaceful and scenic area and the cove I was staying on was very relaxing.

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The fishermen would go out daily and see what they could catch. I dined on some wonderful snapper that had been caught by the father and mother of the bungalow owners.

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Some of the most spectacular sunsets that I have ever seen.

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And some spectacular sunrises (of which I saw 2... more than I had planned, but was able to take a nap in the hammock later so it was ok).

I spent the week doing not much. Even though it rained for a couple of the days I was there, it really didn't matter. I ate almost every meal at the Bungalows and only went into the town twice for an hour or so each time. The rest of the time was spent just relaxing and letting my body rejuvenate.

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