Things I have Learned.... Part 2

Part 2

As before, I have learned even more when traveling and thought I would share with everyone my knowledge! (no particular order)

1. Carry small bills because no one has change for the 10000 note you have from the ATM machine.
2. Guide books are not always accurate
3. It will rain when you are travelling... just have to deal with it and not let it dampen your day
4. There is always another castle, cathedral or temple around the corner
5. Everybody smokes.... there is no way to get away from it.
6. The concept of clean clothes is not what it used to be.
7. Dreadlocks.... the travelers hairdo
8. Sometimes you have to climb to get to the best views
9. If you can't find the light switch to the bathroom it is probably outside the door
10. Ferrys, motorcycles, pickup trucks, bicycles, rickshaws, tuk tuks all make good transportation
11. Call home
12. They drive on the wrong side of the road in too many places in the world! (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, India, Thailand)
13. People still live in Shanty towns with no running water or electricity.
14. Elephants crossing the river at sunset is breathtaking
15. There are a lot of people in India
16. Sometimes you just have to upgrade and get a room with AC and a hot shower.
17. India is the 2nd most populous country---16.7% of the world's population crammed into 2.4% of the land.
18. It is okay for men to pee anywhere they want in India
19. You will step in cow s... eventually, no matter how careful you are.
20. Women don't drive taxis or rickshaws
21. McDonald's has delivery in Mumbai and Bangkok
22. They really do sell fried grasshoppers and assorted other bugs in Thailand.
23. Everyone in India asks "which country" when you are walking down the street to find out where you are from.
24. Always answer "American" instead of United States. It seems to register more with the locals.
25. Carry toilet paper with you all the time
26. Sometimes it is good to stay in one place for a few nights and get some good rest.
27. Indian chai tea is much better than the chai served at Starbucks.
28. Potato chips come in all sorts of flavors.... ketchup, mustard, prawn and cocktail, lobster, biltong (an African beef jerky), thairiffic chutney, magic masala, dill....
29. It is possible to fit a family of five on a motorbike. No need to have that family sedan after all.
30. The world really is a small place. When in India I met a couple from Orlando who used to shop in my B&N store. I ran into them again at the port in Thailand. Within an hour of each other on the street in Bangkok I ran into a couple of girls who were on the camel safari with me in India and another girl that I met in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe....

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