Tour Continues

Chobe River--Botswana

Our first stop is at a camp site near the Chobe River where we take a sunset cruise. This is my first opportunity to see the wildlife and it was a great evening. There were baboons, crocodiles, kudus, water bucks, antelope, giraffe and a few hippos poking their heads out of the water.

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Sunset Cruise

and a herd of elephant crossing the river.

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From the Chobe River we have a long drive to our next location. We are eventually heading out for 2 nights in the Okavango Delta but we have to get there first. A couple hours out of our destination the truck breaks down. The driver attempts to fix it but needs a part. The tour leader hitches into town to send another truck to get us but before they make it back another overland truck stops and tows us into town (and it seems we keep running into this tour at each of our stops on the way). We made it to camp and then got ourselves ready for 2 days of camping in the bush.

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Okavango Delta-Botswana

We get up and take a truck to the Delta. When we get to the edge of the water, a group of people who will be poling is in their wooden mokoros greats us and gets all our gear (day bags, cooking equip, food, tents, etc) loaded into these boats, then we get loaded into the boats, two to a boat and are on our way.

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Delta cont.

The ride to our camp site was very relaxing. The polers take their time, going through the grass that gives the boat extra support and we make our way to the camp.

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James and Jen take it easy in the Mokoro

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Lunch with the Elephants

After arriving at camp, we set up our tents and get ready for lunch. After we sit down and put our feet up again we look across the river and see 4 elephants grazing and enjoying lunch along with us. This is pretty awesome especially realizing they are probably only 100 meters away from where we are sitting as I saw from the river cruise we did, elephants don't have a problem crossing the water. But no worries, they stayed on their side of the river and we stayed on ours.

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Delta cont

While in the Delta we went on 3 different game walks and a sunset mokoro cruise. There were more elephants, my first real view of zebras, birds, etc. This was a relaxing 2 days and it really made me feel that I was in Africa. It is hard to put in words how peaceful and relaxing it is and how utterly amazing it is to be so close to these large animals in their natural environment.

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