Buenos Aires

BA--June 21-June 30, 2006

My next stop was the capital city of Buenos Aires. I had heard great things about the city and it definitely has lived up to the talk.

I had received an email before arriving to Buenos Aires from a guy that I had met in Greece in August of last year. Chris had arrived in BA the week previous and was staying for a few weeks to study Spanish before taking off to snow board the rest of the winter. We met up the first day I was in town and hung out throughout my stay.

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Buenos Aires is famous for its Tango. The streets come alive during the day and sometimes you can stumble upon couple doing the tango trying to make a few extra Pesos.

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La Boca

I spend one day wandering through different markets. Some are geared toward tourists... selling any souvenir you can imagine while some sell antiques, etc. The weather did not cooperate and it rained for 2 days straight. We did manage to get to a couple of the markets including the one in the very colorful area of town known as La Boca.

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The area is know as Caminito and it is a great place to wander around during an afternoon, have a good lunch, do some shopping and just hang out. I did go back a second day where there was much better weather.

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more Caminito

The buildings are all painted bright colors and some of them have whimsical statues that can be posed with or that decorate the buildings.

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more shops

All the shops and restaurants are done up this way throughout the area.

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Plaza de Mayo

BA is a very easy city to get around. They have a nice subway system, but I also did a lot of walking in the city. This is picture of a lovely pink building (canīt remember what it is) at the end of Plaza de Mayo.

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The cemetery in the middle of BA is a big tourist attraction. All the graves are above ground in these huge mausoleums.

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Evita Peron

But the most famous person buried in the cemetery is Argentinaīs beloved Evita Peron.

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