Farellones--July 12-15, 2006

More skiing

I left Termas and headed back north. I stopped over for a day in Santiago and then went to an area called Farellones which is about 1 hour east of Santiago and home to 3 different ski resorts. The first day I arrived it was pouring down rain (not a good sign for a ski resort) so I hung out and got to know the other travelers staying at my hostel. The next day I made it out to a resort called El Colorado. It is a nice enough place but only half open on the first day as they got it all ready to go after the snow and rain they had had. These mountains are treeless and it was really weird skiing without the tree line to help with your line of sight.

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El Colorado

Here is a picture of Stacey who I met in Buenos Aires and was also skiing the same week in Farellones.

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Awesome Sunset

One of the nice things about being in the mountains is seeing some gorgeous sunsets which we did.

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La Parva

I also went up to La Parva and had my best day of skiing in the Andes. I still canīt believe that I am have been skiing in July in the Andes in South America. Sort of blows my mind. I spent this day with Millie, Sandy, and Dan.

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