Santiago--July 16-25, 2006

Smog City

I cut my time a little short up in the mountains after a nasty fall at the end of the day at La Parva. Twisted my knee. Nothing that a little bit of rest won´t cure so I headed for lower ground and back down to Santiago.

I had not heard anything about Santiago other than it is not a very exciting city. I went up on a funicular to the top of a hill behind the hostel and got a great view of Santiago and the blanket of smog that covers it. The Andes are in the background.

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The next few days are a blur. Not a whole lot going on in Santiago. I went on a winery tour one morning and then got together with 3 others from the hostel and took a day trip to Valparaiso. This is a big port city about an hour and a half from Santiago. We spent the day wandering the city. It is built on a hill with colorful houses overlooking the water.

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Cable Cars

And to help people get up and down the steep hills they have a series of cable cars up the hill. They look like wooden boxes being pulled up on a track. I guess they get the job done but I am not sure I want to ride on them!

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