Quito--May 12-17, 2006

Making my way to Quito

When I left the Galapagos I had all intentions of working my way south toward Peru. I went back to Cuenca and spent a couple more nights and took care of the essentials like laundry, etc. Then I headed further south to a city called Vilcabamba. I found a nice hotel with a hammock by the gardens and hung out reading for a couple of days. I started having stomach problems and they continued to get worse so I decided that instead of heading into Peru I would head up to Quito for a few days of R&R and to go to the doctor if needed. I hopped on a flight (couldn't face an overnight bus ride with my stomach in the shape it was in) and arrived in Quito on Friday. After a trip to the emergency room and some needed antibiotics I set out to relax a few days and see the sites of Quito.

I found a really nice hostal with a great view of the city from the top floor balcony.

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and a night view

And a great view at night of the city. The hostal serves dinner every night and I stayed in a few nights when I was recuperating.

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I walked around the old town and visited the Basilica. A huge church perched on the hill in the heart of the city with some gorgeous stained glass windows.

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Middle of the World

I have crossed the equator many times in my travels but for the first time I actually stood on the line. If I moved to my left I was in the northern hemisphere and if I moved to my right I was in the southern hemisphere. I visited a museum on the equator where they did experiments to show that you really are on the equator. My favorite was they had a tub filled with water pulled the plug to let the water drain. When the tub was on the equator the water ran straight down the drain. When the tub was moved a few feet to the northern hemisphere the water drained in a clockwise swirl. When the tub was moved a few feet to the south, the water drained in a counterclockwise swirl.

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