Baņos--May 17-19, 2006

Tungurahua Volcano

While hanging out in Quito I met up with some folks that decided a trip to Baņos was in order. Irit, Vol and I took off on a 4 hours bus ride to a nice, touristy, little city and continued with my relaxation. This city is the heart of some of Ecuador's adventure sports, but one of the big attractions for us was to see the Tungurahua Volcano which has recently become more active. It puffs out smoke a few times an hour right now and there is talk of evacuating the city but the locals are against that. When the volcano was acting up a few years ago they evacuated and when they came back everything had been looted.

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Ecuadorian Taffy

One of the things that the city of Baņos is known for is their taffy. Numerous shops around town sell the taffy (very sweet and delicious). Here you can see one of the shopkeepers making the taffy and pulling from a peg on the wall.

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Night Volcano watching

We took a tour the first night to an observation point with the hope of getting a view of the volcano...lava, etc. No luck though. We were completely clouded in and couldn't see anything of the volcano. The highlight was riding on the top of this truck to get to the observation point.

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Quad Biking

We decided to spend one morning on quad bikes, checking out the local waterfalls and trying to get to a better vantage point to see the volcanos. We all had great fun going through the mud and dirt tracks. Unfortunately Irit had some bike problems (chain came off half way up a hill) and we had to cut our trip short. And of course, the clouds were out again covering the volcano and any hopes of getting a better view.

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