Quito--May 19-23, 2006

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After a relaxing morning in the hot springs of Banos, Irit and I headed back to Quito. We checked back into the same hostel and felt like we were coming "home" for a change. I stayed a few more days, just to have a base and to relax some more and to see some more great views from the balcony of the hostel.

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One of the things I wanted to do last time in Ecuador was to go to the market in Otavalo. This is the largest in Ecuador, and Saturday is the best day to visit. I took a trip up there with Linda and Rolf, who I had also met at the hostel. Here is a picture of them bartering for a hammock that they then had to figure out how to ship home.

I did my fair share of bargaining and shopping as well and was pretty proud of myself, being able to bargain in Spanish.

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Locals selling their wares

You can see from the picture here the local villagers in their traditional clothing, set up to sell their produce, etc.

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More traditional dress

Another lady hanging out on the curb.

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