Sucre--May 30-June 2, 2006

Sweet City

My next stop was a city called Sucre (which is sugar in Spanish). Sucre is one of two capitals of Bolivia (the other being La Paz). It is an old city with lots of colonial buildings. The city reminded me of Cuenca in Ecuador, but not quite as nice. The best place to get a view of the city was from the Mirador which was on top of a hill. The rewards for climbing the hill were the view and a nice restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the town.

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As I do in every city I go to, I went to the market to check out the local produce, meat, etc. Of course I had to stop for a fruit smoothie. These ladies make them for you with fresh fruit. I donīt know if the hardest part is deciding which lady to buy from or which of the many fruits to choose from for your smoothie. This day I chose strawberry (frutilla) and pėneapple (piņa).

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